About Us

Creativity is an advertising agency’s most valuable asset
because it is the rarest.

Our Mission/Philosophy
The Omega Group is an exceptionally innovative advertising agency with expertise in gaining market share for our clients while expanding each company’s product awareness. Our agency is founded on one central principle: we strive to provide a complete list of services under the auspices of one agency. All of our specialties -branding, television production, specialty marketing, publicity, social media, iPhone apps, media planning, photography, web design and more – occur in-house within the trust of the Omega Group.

Services provided by The Omega Group are tailored to enhance each client’s advertising experience. We increase our client’s cost effectiveness strategies while allowing each client control over the company’s budget. Our staff promotes a trusting environment that protects the creation and development of our client’s brand. We realize the importance of communication so that both the Omega Group and our client can stay informed of every advertising decision. To better serve each client, we research the demographics and market trends while conducting current competitive analysis. It is our genuine care for each client’s success and our extensive research of each business and its particular market that leads to successful advertising.

Please contact us today to learn how The Omega Group can help you move your business to the next level through dynamic advertising designed to produce results and to give you domination in your market.